The Philadelphia Inquirer
Published November 8, 2009
Goodman downsizes

by Edith Newhall

Philadelphia has no shortage of artists of all ages making gestural, colorful, mostly abstract paintings, but Robert Goodman reenergizes this manner of painting with so much painterly bravado, and with such broad references to art history, nature, and popular culture (including digital technology), that his paintings manage to stand out. If you saw his immense painting Net at Moore College of Art & Design last summer, you've seen what I mean.

Goodman can fit a world into a smaller painting, too, though, as his current show at Seraphin Gallery demonstrates. Geo (2009), a sprawling work with intersecting planes of DayGlo orange, parrot green, and hot pink against a grid of like-minded colors, and Geo II, about half its dimensions and also from this year, prove the point ecstatically.


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