Seraphin Gallery, a Contemporary Philadelphia Art Gallery
1108 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday - Sunday : 10 AM to 5 PM 
Monday and Tuesday by appointment only.

Other appointment times available at your convenience.

Philadelphia Phone - (215) 923.7000
Fax - (215) 923.7007
St. Augustine Phone - (215) 439.8807

Anthony Seraphin - anthony@seraphingallery.com

Lorraine Seraphin - lorraine@seraphingallery.com

Judith Seraphin - seraphin@seraphingallery.com

Alyssa Laverda - alyssa@seraphingallery.com

Request For Mailing List
If you would like to be on our mailing list, email us your name, address and if you like, your telephone number to
alyssa@seraphingallery.com. Please tell us if you are a collector, curator, writer or artist, and if you are interested in a particular artist, style, medium or time period. Thank you.


Seraphin Gallery  l  Contemporary Philadelphia Art Gallery and Art Consultant 
1108 Pine St., Philadelphia, PA  l  (215) 923-7000  l  seraphin@seraphingallery.com