"Light, in its appearance and behavior, is an important inspiration for me.  I use mylar, glass, wax, and other translucent materials to embody formations of flux.  Approaching every piece as a drawing, I cut, form, and arrange shapes and patterns, perpetually overlaying the gestures of one occurrence onto another. The spectrum that runs between analytical and intuitive processes is my domain. I use chemical reactions, math, optics, memory and play-- always on the lookout for moments I want to collect and recycle.

I am interested in presence and absence, and the articulation of such through the negation and masking of matter. I fixate on the emptiness I envelope with material, observing how light inhabits that space.  Using light as a drawing tool, I appropriate its ephemeral quality in my mark making.  Through underlying patterns, my images track light's constancy, while simultaneously pointing its evanescence.  Referencing light's both revealing and blinding nature, I accentuate subtle imagery or omit it entirely and rely on suggestive remains."

-Laura Sallade