Just about a block up, the Seraphin Gallery, located at 1108 Pine Street, is heard on the streets of Philadelphia to be one of the finest galleries in Philly.  Although it is a small gallery, artists like Pheobe Adams, who has showcased her work in the Guggenheim Museum, has also exhibited her work at Seraphin Gallery.  Sidney Goodman, another artist known to Philadelphians, has also showcased his work in this pristine, high quality yet unpredictable gallery. 

     In fact, Lorraine Seraphin, the Associate Director of Seraphin Gallery, has heard people say they love to come to the gallery because they never know what to expect when they walk in.  The gallery has housed everything from traditional paintings to contemporary and post-modern abstract work to installation art (art using different kinds of media such as string, chairs, etc.) to photography and sculpture.  Lorraine even remembers when 2000 pounds of dirt was delivered to the gallery in the middle of winter for one of their exhibitions.  That is one of the aspects that Ms. Seraphin likes about the job.  She commented, “There is always something new and exciting to see.  I just keep learning every single day.”

                         -Article from "Washington Square West"