"My work evolves from many different places. I use images found from Internet searches, photos of friends, places I’ve traveled, things out of my head that are fabricated and made to appear “real”.  I work in series that relate to specific concepts or ideas, which consume my imagination, curiosity, and emotions. “Exousia" is a drawing from my Pleiades series. In this series, the term Pleiades relates directly to the Greek myth in the elusiveness that happens as Orion endlessly pursues the Pleiades. These drawings are developed with a world in mind where the absurd becomes familiar. The drawing “Solipsist: Wil” is from my Solipsist Series. Based on the theory of Solipsism, which states that the self is all that can be known to exist. These drawings were created using friends as the subject and exploring the definition of ones place in relation to ones self or even each other.

I am constantly looking at and responding to the world around me. In doing so, I am creating a world in which these drawings or characters will exist. In recent years I have only used charcoal on wood panels as my materials. I use charcoal because it is a medium that is immediate and fragile. I respond to its quickness and subtly. The wood panels I am able to control the surface of, as well as handle the way I use charcoal."

-Phillip Adams

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